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Principal's Message

The heights of tomorrow beckon only those ambitious juveniles who have the faith, the courage and the urge to climb towards it today...!

A rapid phase of evolution in knowledge and technology explosions creates the curriculum obsolete in a shorter period and hence it is highly imperative that the educational institution maintains a healthier interaction with the multidimensional industrial organizations in order to make the teaching and learning process more successful and logical to the student community.

In this age of toughest competition and ruthless race, the young, dynamic and budding engineers of tomorrow must realize the importance of learning and enrich their knowledge in the core and ancillary subjects of engineering as it is “the secret to success”, “the source of strength”, “the foundation of power” and “the path to glory, name, and fame in the society”

As of today, no employing agency, whether government or private sector undertaking is giving much credit to the university level certification due to quality compromises; rather, the government or private sector are conducting their own categories of a test in order to grade employment. Hence, the students in our engineering institution undergo rigorous training in various industrial organizations during their vacation in order to gain practical knowledge in the areas of design, assembly and manufacturing technology; also, the students attend workshops on emerging areas in engineering to gain an insight into the concepts.

Dr. S. Nagarajan

Principal & Professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. (Machines), M.E. (Power System), B.E. (EEE)
SIEM Siliguri

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