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Director's Message

Every single human is enriched with some latent talent. ‘Surendra Institute of Engineering and Management’ (SIEM), Siliguri focuses on growth of every single student with all possible talents she comes with. Our ‘application-oriented pedagogy’ ensures a holistic growth model for SIEMians. This model serves the purpose of preparing SIEMians as trendy professionals of the 21st century.

SIEM, aims at the all-round growth of learners in the areas of hard and soft skills through the continuous cycles of learning, relearning and transforming. We are optimistic in our belief that SIEMians, at the end of the day, will stand out as ‘right professionals’ for ‘right industries’.

All possible definitions of the word 'learning' can be generalized in a single sentence- Learning is something that ultimately leads to desired change. The very change that we wish to attain while referring to the society we live in is the change in attitude, mindset and perspectives. We proudly boast of institutionalizing the ‘change processes’ in our college at par with the leading engineering colleges of present times with the introduction of latest industry-oriented learning methods.

We have been able to bring in significant changes in the personality of students by providing them with regular training programmes with the help of in-house trainers and external experts. The goal of offering continuous training to SIEMians is to enable them develop an extra competitive edge. Apart from general academics, we pay special attention to personality development of each student that empowers them to grow as ‘industry-ready’ professionals. Undoubtedly, this has helped them being placed in noted national and global organizations. Today, SIEMians are professionally serving society through the organizations they longed to be a part of. Every year a good number of organizations of national and global repute conduct campus hiring programmes to acquire the talents that our devoted team nurtures with due diligence.

We are committed to offering excellent minds and talents in order to be instrumental, by putting in our candid efforts, in the building process of our nation!


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