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President's Message

Education, regarded as a ‘lifeline’ of civilizations through the ages, has no any alternative for a society that wants growth and development in real sense. Education is undeniably capable of enlightening narrow minds into liberal ones, transforming retrogatory ideas into futurist ones and metamorphosing futile actions into fruitful ones.

‘Education for betterment of society’ - with this mantra planted inside the core of the goals and objectives, ‘Bidya Bharati Foundation’ (BBF), Siliguri, is determined for the qualitative upliftment of society through humble efforts in the field of professional education. ‘Surendra Institute of Engineering and Management’ (SIEM), Siliguri, is one of such endeavours of the charitable trust intended to cater to the growing needs of best of engineering education in India. SIEM nurtures the students within the advanced teaching-learning atmosphere, well equipped with humanitarian values and professional ethics. We believe in serving society through quality education that enables generate quality human resources. Hence, we regard SIEM as a powerhouse of potential talent generating institution.

We started our journey through the world of professional education in the year 2009 with high enthusiasm, charged with an ambitious goal of being a significant catalyst in the collective process of building a society full of well educated ‘social architects’. We believe not only in imparting the best education to the students, but also in helping the ‘future citizens’ of India to exercise their faculties of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ in the most effective and efficient manners.

Come, and let’s make this world worth living by decorating it with vigorous talents and beautiful minds!


President, SIEM, Siliguri

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