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Best in Class

Information Technology is inarguably the defining force of this millennium, and Surendra Institute is poised to break new ground as the most e-enabled Engineering College in North Bengal. Wireless technology has emerged as a vital and indispensable means of communication in the twenty first century. Irrespective of the size of an organization, its efficient running depends a lot upon the presence of proper networking systems that enables both the students and faculty to access vital data and information easily at the click of a button. Having understood the importance, Surendra Institute has invested heavily towards developing World Class IT Infrastructure to facilitate e-learning in today’s day and age and is thus regarded amongst the ‘best engineering colleges in North Bengal’.

The institute has chosen a system based on high end servers and work stations under Windows and Linux, which provide the interconnection and exchange of information between the various systems thereby providing the students and faculty a work environment adapted to their requirements and latest technology reflecting the standards of the computer industry.

Computers, LAN and Software

Recognizing the vital role played by IT in the industrial growth of nations, and especially developing nations like India, SIEM, provides its students with the best state of the art computer labs. The college has wide range of Software, including a Campus Agreement with Microsoft, which has been installed to enable the students in mastering the many computer languages and learning to master any new technology.


All the labs have been connected to the internet, thereby providing unlimited internet access to students and faculty members. All the offices, labs and cabins of faculty have been provided internet connectivity for 7 days a week & 24 hrs a day.


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