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Induction Program: Motivational Speech by Mr. Satish Anand

A Motivational Speach has been delivered by the Motivational Speaker Mr. Satish Anand at Surendra Institute of Engineering & Management (SIEM), Siliguri, Wednesday, 07 August ‘19. The ongoing Induction Programme for the students at Surendra Institute of Engineering & Management (SIEM) was graced by an inspirational speaker, Mr. Satish Anand is an eminent motivational speaker who has held sessions at various IITs and NITs. He is a Master Trainer for the Government of Bihar. With the book ‘Circumstances grew him up’, he also turned novelist. Besides being a motivational speaker, Mr. Anand also has a keen interest in Sufi music. He has also penned many songs and hopes to make a mark in Bollywood as a composer and a singer. ‘Never give up!’ - the session commenced with this sentence being reiterated by the two co-speakers who had accompanied Mr. Anand. Their session acted as a precursor to the main and a highly motivating session by Mr. Anand wherein he spoke about his own life struggles and how he overcame all obstacles by never giving up. He motivated the students to have courage, determination, and faith in all circumstances. He concluded by saying that life is beautiful with all its ups and downs so one should never give up. They should challenge the obstacles instead and emerge victorious each time. The session was attended by both students and faculty members. The program ended with the Principal of SIEM, Dr. A. Rameshkumar resonating with the speaker and with a vote of thanks. Mr. Satish Anand presented his novel to Principal, Dr. A. Rameshkumar as a token of gratitude.


Wednesday, 7th August 2019

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