E-Councelling/Admission Help No.

9800869925/ 9735369056/ 9735369214

Almora Campus Drive

Almora is a crypto investment bank that helps investment communities in seeking high growth opportunities in the crypto world. Today there are several blockchain projects and crypto products with high net worth value. Almora helps to bridge the gap that exists between these profitable projects & products and the investment community.

Besides, Almora works tirelessly in various other dimensions, from building products in the blockchain domain to helping organizations launch their ICOs. It also offers white labeled solutions in the blockchain and crypto space.

Simply put, Almora offers tailored blockchain solutions – from investment solutions, token sales & advisory to research & market analysis.

Date of Drive : 15th Feb, 2019

Eligible branches : All branches.

Selected Students :

  1. Priyanka Kothari - EE
  2. Astha Rai - CE
  3. Arbindam Bose - ME
  4. Tushar kant Bhowmick - ME


Monday, 25th February 2019

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