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Information Technology is inarguably the defining force of this millennium, and Surendra Institute is poised to break new ground as the most e-enabled Engineering College in North Bengal. Wireless technology has emerged as a vital and indispensable means of communication in the twenty first century. Irrespective of the size of an organization, its efficient running depends a lot upon the presence of proper networking systems that enables both the students and faculty to access vital data and information easily at the click of a button. Having understood the importance, Surendra Institute has invested heavily towards developing World Class IT Infrastructure to facilitate e-learning in today’s day and age and is thus regarded amongst the ‘best engineering colleges in North Bengal’.

The institute has chosen a system based on high end servers and work stations under Windows and Linux, which provide the interconnection and exchange of information between the various systems thereby providing the students and faculty a work environment adapted to their requirements and latest technology reflecting the standards of the computer industry.

Surendra Institute has an Exclusive Software Development Cell equipped with high end servers and client machines, software and other accessories. The experienced faculty members assist the students to finish their projects in this cell. All the work of ERP and software development for administration of the institute is delegated as live projects to the students, who gain comprehensive practical experience on computer applications and software development.

The Institute visualizes centralized computing facility, campus wide networking and information technology as a means to enrich the educational experience and invigorate emerging areas of scholarly research and education.

  • More than 550 desktops with 24×7 Wi-Fi internet facility up-to 6-Mbps loaded with latest licensed software at the student’s disposal.
  • The commissioning of the Campus Area Network has been done for 600 nodes.

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