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The budding engineers of Surendra Institute of Engineering and Management, Siliguri (SIEM), Arnab Dutta (Cooch Behar), Sourav Sanyal (Siliguri), Aditya Barman (Dinhata) and Saddam Hussain Pramanik (Assam) are doing magic before joining any industry. One group of final year students of #Electrical Engineering department of this leading engineering college has already proved their excellence by creating one of it’s kind mimic robot.Another group from SIEM has come up with a low cost sophisticated drone ‘Garuda’.

The fourth year #Electrical department, #SIEM, have jointly created a low cost, easy-to-fly ‘Unnamed Aerial Vehicle’ (UAV) or quad-copter as their final year project under the guidance of Assistant Professor Joy Bandopadyay. The Garuda is an outsized celebrated bird, bird-like creature, or ‘humanoid bird’ that is mentioned in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

On being asked about the viability of the Garuda in the market, Saurav Sanyal, the project coordinator said “It has huge possibilities because of the low costing compounded with high level of sophisticated sensor system.”

Joy Bandopadyay, the project guide mentioned that “The students have worked hard. They had a dream and today due to their focus and determination, they have achieved it.If the government comes forward for entrepreneurship financial cushioning to such talents, the scenario of the society would be something different."

-What is #UAV?

-An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a ‘drone’, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. #UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS); which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two.

-What is there in #Garuda?

-CC3D has been used as the brain of the vehicle while aluminium plates and BLDC motors have been fixed at the arms of the drone. 4ESCs transmitters control the speed. The software the Garuda uses is librepilot. A slefie stick has been fixed to click the aerial photography.

-How does #Garuda work?

-The user has to use a dedicated Mission Control System (MCS) with Man Machine Interface to define the trajectory that the drone will follow autonomously and the target areas to focus on. This MMI is the main link between the drone system and the user.

-What is the application/feasibility of #Garuda?

i. Aerial photography and video ii. GPS navigation iii. Area mapping iv. Temperature and height sensing v. Expedition to unexplored area where human can’t travel physically vi. Mission planning -What is the cost of production of #Garuda? - SIEM students have created Garuda, the drone, at the cost of mere Rs. 10 thousand,

while the drones that are available in the market cost not less than Rs. 30 thousand.

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