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I S.I.E.M., Siliguri, students create mimic robot ‘Golem’ – The Tele-Presence Robot II

The final year students of Surendra Institute of Engineering and Managament (SIEM), Siliguri, have come up with a wonderful project work that has been named by the creators as ‘Golem’. The project innovators belong to Electrical Engineering department of SIEM. The team members of the project include Abhijeet Prasad (Malbazar, Dooars) , Shubham Alay (Kurseong), Abhay Bhartee (Darjeeling) and Abhishek Rai (M. M. Terai Busty, Naxalbari).

# The root of the project name 
- The project name ‘Golem’ has been derived from Jewish Mythology , in which Golem is an ‘artificially’ developed object that was used by the ancient people as a modern day robot. In Jewish folklore, a ‘Golem’ is a lively ‘anthropomorphic organism’ that is magically formed completely from lifeless matter (particularly soil or mud). The term was used to mean a formless material in Psalms and medieval inscription. The oldest account of the making of a Golem by a historical figure is included in a tradition linked to Rabbi Eliyahu of Chełm (1550–1583).

# How does ‘Golem’ work?
- As narrated by the project developers, as the technology is getting more advanced, it’s getting more and more sophisticated to deal in.
Abhijeet told , “In case of a basic robot, it takes several remotes and buttons to control. The concept was to build a technology that adapts itself to its user, instead of user learning to control it.
In our project, wherever the robot is placed, its user will be able to control it via internet.”
According to the developers, imitating the action of the user, Golem helps user to be present ‘virtually’ in the distant location by connecting an interface between the user and the location concerned with the help of live video streaming. The user needs to wear the virtual reality headset to be able to get the live video feeds. Wherever the user turns his head, the camera also turns in same direction, giving the user a 360o - 3D view of the area. The user can move his hand to control the arm attached in the robot.

# The scope/ future prospects:
For example, a person sitting in his bedroom in India will be able to ‘see’, ‘touch’ and ‘move’ things in America and feel as if he is himself present in the place.
Such technology, in future, can be applied in wide areas, starting from space exploration for common man, rescue and survey for defence to performing surgeries form distance.
This will not only save time and money, but numerous lives, too.

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